A detailed study of magnetization and magnetoelectric effect in P(VDF-TrFe) based SmFeO3 nanocomposites


In this study, we investigate magnetoelectric (ME) properties in nanocomposite films (P(VDF-TrFe))/SmFeO3 consist of ferroelectric copolymer, poly(vinylindene fluoride-trifluoroethylene) (P(VDF-TrFe)) and magnetic SmFeO3 nanoparticles. Comparative magnetization vs magnetic field hysteresis loops for un-poled and electric field poled (P(VDF-TrFe))/SmFeO3 nanocomposite films demonstrate strong electric filed control of magnetization. The nanocomposite films exhibit large exchange biasing (EB) effects in magnetic measurements near spin switching temperature (~ 100 K) of SmFeO3 and the EB effects were significantly modified under electric field (E) poled conditions (at E = 200 kV/cm), indicating ME coupling. Remarkably, we observe electric field poling induced self biased converse ME effect in the (P(VDF-TrFe))/SmFeO3 nanocomposite films. The maximum magnetoelectric output voltage (α) obtained is 55 mV/cm/Oe at Hbias = 1 kOe and 25 mV/cm/Oe at Hbias = 0, after electric field poling. The discovery of self biasing phenomenon with converse ME effects at room temperature in flexible (P(VDF-TrFe))/SmFeO3 nanocomposite films is highly desirable for device applications such as electrically controlled thin memory devices and ME sensors etc.

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Authors would like to acknowledge Department of Science and Technology (DST), India for financial support. Thanks to Mr. Prem Kumar for help in XRD measurements.

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