Phase evolution, microstructure, thermal stability of (K0.45Na0.45Li0.04La0.02)NbO3–Bi(Ni0.5Zr0.5)O3 ceramics

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(K0.45Na0.45Li0.04La0.02)NbO3–Bi(Ni0.5Zr0.5)O3[(1 − x)KNLLN-xBNZ, 0 ≤ x ≤ 0.02] ceramics were fabricated via a traditional solid state reaction method. The addition of BNZ can enhance the electrical properties of KNLLN ceramics. As x = 0.015, the sample had good performance with high εr ~ 1665 and excellent thermal stability (Δε/ε100°C ≤ ± 12%) from 100 to 447 °C, indicating that this ceramic has potential application prospects in wider working-temperature range. The electrical behavior at high temperatures of (1 − x)KNLLN-xBNZ ceramics was also analyzed. The results show that the relaxation induced by the double ionized oxygen vacancies is thermally activated.

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This work was supported by the Natural Science Foundation of China (Nos. 11664008 and 61761015), Natural Science Foundation of Guangxi (Nos. 2018GXNSFFA050001, 2017GXNSFDA198027 and 2017GXNSFFA198011).

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