Cr-doping effects on optical and magnetic properties of BaSn1−xCrxO3


Polycrystalline bulk samples of BaSn1−xCrxO3 with different Cr concentrations were prepared by standard solid state reaction method. The effects of Cr concentration on crystal structure of BaSn1−xCrxO3, as well as optical and magnetic properties were investigated. Powder X-ray diffraction (XRD) shows that each of these samples possess a perovskite structure with \( Pm\bar{3}m \) space group. The Cr ions are located at the substitution Sn sites as revealed by the XRD, Diffuse reflectance spectra and Raman spectra. Moreover, it is found that room-temperature ferromagnetism (FM) can be reversed by annealing in the nitrogen atmosphere. This can be well explained by a modified model of F-center mediated FM.

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This work was supported by Natural Science Research Project for Universities from the Education Department of Anhui Province (KJ2017A344), Natural Science Foundation of Fuyang Normal University (2017FSKJ08ZD), The Open Foundation of State Key Laboratory of Rare Earth Permanent Magnetic Materials (XTYC-K201807), Cooperative research project of Fuyang Normal University and Fuyang Municipal Government (XDHX2016010 and XDHX20173300).

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