Silver oxides nanoparticle in gas sensors applications


In this work, silver oxide AgO films were prepared and deposited on glass substrates using RF reactive magnetron sputtering technique at different sputtering powers (100, 150 and 200) W. The X-Ray diffraction measurements showed that the prepared films are polycrystalline. It was found that the crystalline size and roughness of the surface, in addition the optical energy gap It has decreased with the increasing sputter power. One of the important results is the development of sensitivity with crystallization, where it was the best sensitivity at operating temperature 100 °C of the sample deposited at 200 W and at the concentration of target gas 600 ppm.

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This study was supported by Mustansiriyah University, College of Science, Physics Department, trayologe and advanced material Lab. and the team work would like to thank the Ministry of Science and technology for providing the necessary support through the RF-magnetron sputtering system. No financial grants in this research were achieved from any institute.

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