Fabrication of multilayered MoS2 coated raspberry-like TiO2 on rGO with enhanced photocatalytic reduction of Cr(VI)

  • Zhongtao Chen
  • Yuanyuan Liu
  • Weijie Zhang
  • Xinli GuoEmail author
  • Yanmei Zheng
  • Xuan Tang
  • Yixuan Wang
  • Yao Zhang
  • Zengmei Wang
  • Tong ZhangEmail author
Original Research


A novel MoS2/TiO2/reduced graphene oxide (MoS2/TiO2/rGO) hybrid photocatalyst was prepared via a two-step hydrothermal process. Where this raspberry-like TiO2 microsphere (300–400 nm) was covered by network-like MoS2 multilayer on the rGO nanosheets. The resulting MoS2/TiO2/rGO hybrid is uniform, chemically stable which can remove 100% Cr(VI) from a 10 mg/L solution within the pH range of 2–5 under simulated sunlight irradiation. Furthermore, it demonstrates excellent reproducibility and stability with a removal rate of 66.7% after seven recycling of Cr(VI) photoreduction which shows a great potential for practical application. The highly efficient photocatalytic activities of this novel hybrid is believed to be ascribed to the enhanced light absorption and photogenerated charge carriers transfer rate of TiO2 due to the hybridization of network-like multilayer MoS2 and rGO nanosheets.



The authors would like to thank most under Grant Number 2017YFA0205800, National Natural Science Foundation of China 21773114, the Opening Project of Jiangsu Key Laboratory of Advanced Metallic Materials, China and the Project of Jiangsu Key Laboratory for Clad Materials, China (BM2014006).


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  • Yuanyuan Liu
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  • Weijie Zhang
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  • Xinli Guo
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  2. 2.School of Electronic Science & EngineeringSoutheast UniversityNanjingChina

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