Ag modified Fe-doping TiO2 nanoparticles and nanowires with enhanced photocatalytic activities for hydrogen production and volatile organic pollutant degradation

  • Yang Liu
  • Guowang Xu
  • Hui Lv


The Ag modified Fe-doping TiO2 nanoparticles and nanowires (Ag@Fe–TiO2 NPs and NWs) were prepared by convenient modified sol–gel and one-pot solvothermal method, respectively. The high photocatalytic activities of the Ag@Fe–TiO2 photocatalysts for H2 production and formaldehyde degradation were ascribed to the extended light-responsive range, accelerated migration, increased specific surface area and suppressed recombination of photogenerated carriers. All Ag@Fe–TiO2 samples showed good photochemical stabilities for reusage. The mechanisms for the significantly enhanced photocatalytic activities of the Ag@Fe–TiO2 NPs and NWs were proposed. Our research provides valuable contributions in the future preparations and applications for TiO2 based photocatalysts.



This work was financially supported by Solar energy efficient application of Hubei province Collaborative Innovation Center open funding (Nos. HBSKFMS 2014017, 337188 and HBSKFQN20167004).


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  2. 2.Hubei Collaborative Innovation Center for High-efficiency Utilization of Solar EnergyWuhanPeople’s Republic of China

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