Influence of Fe–B addition on electromagnetic wave absorption properties of RGO composite

  • Guosheng Wen
  • Xiuchen Zhao
  • Ying Liu
  • Jingfang Ma


The Fe–B amorphous nano-particle with reduced graphene oxide (FeB@RGO) has been successfully prepared as a novel absorbing material of light-weight broadband electromagnetic wave (EW). This paper studied the influence of the thickness of the sample and the paraffin amount on absorption properties of the composite to EW. According to the research results, the absorption peak occurred in a low frequency region as the thickness increased, and only 5 wt% FeB@RGO added to the paraffin 2.2 mm thick has the optimal EW absorption property. Compared to Fe–B particles and RGO, the FeB@RGO as EW absorbing materials have better absorbing properties with higher reflectivity (− 49.13 dB), wider bandwidth (6.64 GHz) and smaller addition concentration (5 wt%), which is more suitable as an efficient and light-weight EW absorber.



The authors express gratitude to the support received from China Aerospace Science and Technology Innovation Fund.


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  • Guosheng Wen
    • 1
  • Xiuchen Zhao
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  • Ying Liu
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  • Jingfang Ma
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