Impact of C5+ ion beam on Dy activated Sr2B5O9Cl TL phosphor

  • Abha H. Oza
  • Vibha Chopra
  • N. S. Dhoble
  • S. J. Dhoble


Sr2B5O9Cl: Dy phosphor was synthesized by modified solid state diffusion method and the impact of C5+ ion-beam on its TL behavior was studied in detail. Phosphor was annealed at 1000 °C for obtaining single phase host. XRD technique was used to confirm the formation of the material and was matched with JCPDS-27-08835. The synthesized phosphor was characterized for photoluminescent spectra. Characteristic emission at 484 nm (4F9/26H15/2) and 575 nm (4F9/26H13/2) confirms the presence of Dy3+ ions in the Sr2B5O9Cl host matrix. Further TL properties of the synthesized material were studied for fluence range 1.5 × 1011–30 × 1011 ion/cm2 (i.e. 40.14–802.9 kGy dose) of C5+ ion-beam (75 MeV) and were found to show the non linear behavior between a dose range 40.14–802.9 kGy. TL glow curve for Sr2B5O9Cl:Dy irradiated with C5+ ion-beam (75 MeV) was compared with that of γ-ray irradiated phosphor. TRIM/SRIM calculations were performed to correlate the changes in TL properties of Sr2B5O9Cl:Dy phosphor.



We are grateful to Scientist, Mr. D. Sen of IUAC, New Delhi for valuable discussions. One of the authors (VC) is grateful to the Director, Inter University Accelerator Center (IUAC), New Delhi, for providing necessary facilities to carry out this work under research project (sanctioned beam line Project (BTR-I) Ref No. IUAC/XIII.3A/).


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  1. 1.Department of PhysicsRTM Nagpur UniversityNagpurIndia
  2. 2.P.G. Department of Physics & ElectronicsDAV CollegeAmritsarIndia
  3. 3.Department of ChemistrySevadal Mahila MahavidyalayaNagpurIndia

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