Fabrication and electro-optical properties of CuAl0.8O2/Zn0.95Al0.05O heterojunction films

  • Hua Wang
  • Jiwen Xu
  • Ling Yang


CuAl0.8O2/Zn0.95Al0.05O heterojunction films were fabricated on quartz glass substrates. CuAl0.8O2 films were synthesised by the sol–gel method, and Zn0.95Al0.05O films were deposited onto a CuAl0.8O2-coated substrate through spray pyrolysis technique. The electro-optical properties of the CuAl0.8O2/Zn0.95Al0.05O heterojunction films were then investigated. The Zn0.95Al0.05O films deposited onto the CuAl0.8O2-coated substrate exhibited better crystallisation and larger grain size than those deposited onto quartz glass, and CuAl0.8O2 was not decomposed into other phases during the synthesis of Zn0.95Al0.05O films. The CuAl0.8O2/Zn0.95Al0.05O heterojunction films demonstrated rectifying IV characteristics. Two optical transitions were observed in the CuAl0.8O2 films with optical gaps of 2.78 and 3.36 eV. Meanwhile, the average transmittance of the CuAl0.8O2/Zn0.95Al0.05O heterostructure films with a total thickness of 400 nm was over 75% in the 500–800 nm wavelength range. The CuAl0.8O2/Zn0.95Al0.05O heterostructure films achieved good electro-optical properties when the thickness ratio of the CuAlO2 and Zn0.95Al0.05O films was in the range of 1:5–3:3 with a total thickness of 600 nm.



This work was supported by Innovation Project of Guangxi Graduate Education, China (Grant No. 20101059 50809M37).


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