Synthesis and characterization of TiO2–NiO and TiO2–WO3 nanocomposites

  • P. Pandi
  • C. Gopinathan


TiO2–NiO and TiO2–WO3 nanocomposites were prepared by hydrothermal and surface modification methods. The samples were analyzed using X-ray diffraction, Scanning Electron Microscope images, Transmission Electron Microscope, Energy dispersive analysis, Zeta potential, Electrophoretic mobility and Photocatalysis activity measurement. XRD data sets of TiO2–NiO, TiO2–WO3 powder nanocomposite have been studied for the inclusion of NiO, WO3 on the anatase-rutile mixture phase of TiO2 by Rietveld refinement. The cell parameters, phase fraction, the average grain size, strain and bond lengths between atoms of individual phases have been reported in the present work. Shifted positional co-ordinates of individual atoms in each phase have also been observed.


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