(Sr1−xCax)WO4 and (Sr1−xCax)WO4:Eu3+ nanoparticles: synthesis and luminescence

  • Xiao-Juan Zhang


(Sr1−xCax)WO4 and (Sr1−xCax)WO4:0.05Eu3+ nanoparticles were synthesized by precipitation without using any complexing agent. The XRD patterns show that the obtained samples present a scheelite-type tetragonal structure without deleterious phase, and the increase of Ca concentration decreases the cell volume of materials. The TGA/DTA curve shows that the materials began to crystallize at temperature of 650 °C. The excitation and emission spectra of (Sr1−xCax)WO4 samples show bands originating from the charge transfers within WO4 2− groups. All (Sr1−xCax)WO4 samples show broad blue emission at room temperature. The excitation and emission spectra of (Sr1−xCax)WO4:0.05Eu3+ samples show bands originating from the charge transfers of Eu3+ ions. All (Sr1−xCax)WO4:0.05Eu3+ samples show prominent red emission at room temperature. The substitutions of Ca2+ ions to Sr2+ ions have obvious influence on luminescence properties. The intensity and quantum efficiency increase with the substituted Ca concentrations.


Scheelite CaWO4 SrWO4 Metal Tungstate BaWO4 
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This work is supported financially by Dr. Fund of Xi’an Polytechnic University (No. bs1341).


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