Optical properties of pulse plated SnSe films

  • K. R. Murali


SnSe films were pulse electrodeposited on tin oxide coated glass substrates at different duty cycles. The films were single phase with orthorhombic structure. Optical absorption measurements indicated a band gap in the range of 1.28–1.50 eV with decrease of duty cycle. Transmission spectra exhibited interference fringes. Using the envelope method, refractive index was calculated. From the refractive index and extinction coefficient data, real and imaginary part of dielectric constant were estimated. Optical conductivity was evaluated from the absorption coefficient and refractive index data. Optical data were analysed by the single-effective oscillator model.


Dielectric Constant Duty Cycle Optical Conductivity SnSe Diselenide 
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  1. 1.Electrochemical Materials Science DivisionCSIR-CECRIKaraikudiIndia

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