Magnetoelectric effect in square FeCo/PMN-PT/FeCo trilayer prepared by electroless deposition



A multiferroic square FeCo/PMN-PT/FeCo trilayer has been constructed by electroless depositing. Scanning electron microscopy reveals that the magnetostrictive FeCo layers are in direct contact with the piezoelectric single crystal PMN-PT substrates. It is shown that electroless deposition is an effective way to deposit films on single crystal PMN-PT. Thanks to the excellent piezoelectric performance, the composite adapting PMN-PT as piezoelectric phase possess a higher magnetoelectric coefficient than that of traditional PZT piezoelectric ceramics with the same configuration. For the square FeCo/PMN-PT/FeCo sample, six obvious resonance peaks can be observed in the dependence of the magnetoelectric coefficient on the magnetic field frequency due to the complex vibration mode, which makes this structure suitable for applications in multifunctional devices with multifrequency operation.


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This work is supported by the Natural Science Foundation of China (Grant 11174148).


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