The influence of WO3 nano-particle addition on the structural and mechanical properties of Bi1.8Sr2Ca1.1Cu2.1Oy ceramics

  • Berdan Özkurt


The effect of nano-sized WO3 (40 nm) addition on the physical and magnetic properties of Bi-2212 superconductors was investigated by X-rays diffraction (XRD), scanning electron microscopy, dc electrical resistivity, magnetic hysteresis loop measurements and Vickers microhardness measurements. XRD observations indicated that the number and type of nonsuperconductor phases changes with increasing nano-sized WO3 content. With increase in W content the critical temperature decreases and the resistivity value at room temperature for sample W4 significantly increases. In addition, the adding of W into the samples causes a remarkable decrease of the area enclosed hysteresis cycles. The critical current density (Jc) at 10 K of the all W-doped samples was lower than that of the pure sample, indicating that superconductor properties of samples negatively affect when nono-sized W particles enters into the structure. In addition, the obtained microhardness values in this work indicated that the all samples have the typical indentation size effect behavior.


Critical Current Density Superconducting Property Vickers Microhardness Measurement BSCCO System Indentation Size Effect Behavior 
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All samples have been prepared in the MEİTAM Central Laboratory in Mersin University in Turkey. SEM and microhardness measurements have been made in the MEİTAM Central Laboratory in Mersin University, the other measurements in this study have been made in the METU Central Laboratory in Middle East Technical University in Ankara in Turkey. On the other hand, I wish to thank M.Sc. Aynur GÜRBÜZ in the MEİTAM Central Laboratory and M.Sc. Ali GÜZEL, Dr. Ibrahim ÇAM in the METU Central Laboratory for their experimental support and very meticulous work.


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  1. 1.Department of Energy Systems Engineering, Faculty of Tarsus TechnologyUniversity of MersinMersinTurkey

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