Influence of Ba2+ substitution on the microwave dielectric properties of Nd(Mg0.5Sn0.5)O3 ceramics

  • Yih-Chien Chen
  • Min-Zhe Weng
  • Yung-Yu Chen


The microwave dielectric properties of Nd(Mg0.5−xBaxSn0.5)O3 ceramics were examined with a view to their exploitation in mobile communication. The Nd(Mg0.5−xBaxSn0.5)O3 ceramics were prepared by the conventional solid-state method with various sintering temperatures. The X-ray diffraction patterns of the Nd(Mg0.47Ba0.03Sn0.5)O3 ceramics revealed no significant variation of phase with sintering temperatures. A density of 6.91 g/cm3, a dielectric constant (ε r ) of 19.14, a quality factor (Q × f) of 97,500 GHz, and a temperature coefficient of resonant frequency (τ f ) of −65.4 ppm/°C were obtained for Nd(Mg0.47Ba0.03Sn0.5)O3 ceramics that were sintered at 1,600 °C for 4 h.


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This work was supported by the National Science Council in Taiwan under Grant NSC 101-2221-E-262-009-.


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Authors and Affiliations

  1. 1.Department of Electrical EngineeringLunghwa University of Science and TechnologyGueishan ShiangTaiwan
  2. 2.Department of Electronic EngineeringLunghwa University of Science and TechnologyGueishan ShiangTaiwan

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