Electrical properties of the DGEBA/PANI-Ag composites

  • Maria Elena Leyva
  • Filiberto González Garcia
  • Alvaro Antonio Alencar de Queiroz
  • Demétrio Artur Werner Soares


The metallopolymer polyaniline-silver (PANI-Ag) was synthesized and used as conductive filler in crosslinked diglycidyl ether of bisphenol A (DGEBA) epoxy network. The hybrid organic/inorganic PANI-Ag powders were successfully synthesized via in situ chemical oxidation of polyaniline-emeraldine base (PANI-EB) by the capped Ag+ on the polyaniline-emeraldine base (PANI-EB) surface. The UV–Vis and FT-IR spectra confirmed the pernigraniline structure (PN) of PANI in the hybrid PANI-Ag. The PANI-Ag dispersion in epoxidic matrix was analyzed by optical microscopy (OM). The images analysis from OM showed that the particle agglomerate size of the metallopolymer increased with increasing PANI-Ag concentration in the DGEBA composite, owing to the aggregation effect. The dc conductivity and impedance spectroscopy of the DGEBA/PANI-Ag composite was measured at different PANI-Ag concentrations in the DGEBA network. The electrical dc conductivity of the PANI-Ag was 35.1 S cm−1 and was dependent of the PANI-Ag concentration in DGEBA matrix. The real and imaginary part of impedance complex measurements indicates a strong interfacial polarization at low frequency for both PANI-Ag and DGEBA/PANI-Ag, respectively. The imaginary part of impedance complex Im(Z) data decrease with the PANI-Ag hybrid concentration in the frequencies range of 102–106 Hz. The dependence of the Im(Z) on the frequency exhibited a relaxation process in both, PANI-Ag and DGEBA/PANI-Ag composite with 10 phr of PANI-Ag powder.


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The authors would like to thank CNPq, Finep and Fapemig for the financial support.


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  • Maria Elena Leyva
    • 1
  • Filiberto González Garcia
    • 1
  • Alvaro Antonio Alencar de Queiroz
    • 1
  • Demétrio Artur Werner Soares
    • 1
  1. 1.Departamento de Física e Química, Instituto de Ciências ExatasUniversidade Federal de Itajubá (UNIFEI)ItajubáBrazil

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