Microstructural and electrical characteristics of rapidly annealed Ni/Mo Schottky rectifiers on cleaned n-type GaN (0001) surface

  • I. Jyothi
  • V. Rajagopal Reddy
  • Chel-Jong Choi


We have investigated the electrical and microstructural properties of Ni/Mo Schottky rectifiers to n-type GaN by current–voltage (I–V) and transmission electron microscopy (TEM) before and after annealing at 600 °C. The obtained barrier height for as-deposited Ni/Mo contact is 0.66 eV. It is observed that the barrier height increases with annealing temperature up to 500 °C, reaching a maximum value of 0.75 eV at this temperature. However, the Schottky barrier height of the Ni/Mo Schottky contact slightly decreased to 0.67 eV (I–V) when the contact was annealed at 600 °C. According to the HRTEM, STEM and EDX analysis, the formation of Ga-Ni interfacial layer at the interface results in the accumulation of gallium vacancies near the surface of the GaN layer. This could be the reason for increase in barrier heights upon annealing at elevated temperatures. The variation in the measured barrier height after annealing at 600 °C may be due to the formation of native oxide layer at the interface compared to the 500 °C annealed contact.


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This work was financially supported by the grant from the “Industrial Source Technology Development Programs (2009-F014-01)” of the Ministry of Knowledge Economy (MKE) of Korea.


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Authors and Affiliations

  1. 1.Department of PhysicsSri Venkateswara UniversityTirupatiIndia
  2. 2.School of Semiconductor and Chemical Engineering, Semiconductor Physics Research Center (SPRC)Chonbuk National UniversityJeonjuKorea

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