Preparation of micron size flake silver powders for conductive thick films

  • Wu Songping


The preparation of micron size flake silver powders with chemical-mechanic method was investigated. Reaction of silver nitrate with ascorbic acid gives fine spherical silver powders. The spherical silver powders were processed by globe mill to make micron size flake silver powders having excellent dispersability and uniform shape. The XRD and thermal analyzer were employed to analyze as—prepared flake silver powders. The flake silver powders were employed to make polymer silver thick film and fire-type thick film. The application of small molecule surfactant in the stage of synthesizing precursor and large specific area of flake particles give a low resistivity of polymer thick film. The fire-type silver thick film was studied by SEM and EDX. SEM photograph shows that the grain boundaries of silver are prominently visible, and the densification of the fired thick film is high. The fire-type thick film has a low bulk resistivity and high adhesion strength.


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  1. 1.College of ChemistrySouth China University of TechnologyGuangzhouChina

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