New design of mesoporous SiO2 combined In2O3-graphene semiconductor nanocomposite for highly effective and selective gas detection


We successfully prepared multiple gas sensing devices comprising of a thin-film sensor made with mesoporous silica combined In2O3-graphene semiconductor nanocomposite for sensing CO2, O2, and NH3. We demonstrated that our sensor had high selectivity for CO2 by recognizing O2 and NH3 in the vapor stage with accurate transformation into electrical signals in devices. The mesoporous semiconducting In2O3–GO–SiO2-10% (IGS10) sensor showed quick response/recovery times for detecting gases, including CO2, O2, and NH3. Compared to In2O3, In2O3–GO (IG), and In2O3–GO–SiO2-20% (IGS20), the mesoporous IGS10 showed superior gas sensing ability due to the implied optimum ratio of the synthesized sample. Finally, we proved a facile, low-cost route to attain the multiple gas sensing devices with the potential for vast application.

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