Gel polymer electrolyte with high performances based on polyacrylonitrile composite natural polymer of lignocellulose in lithium ion battery


One kind of gel polymer electrolytes (GPE) with high performances based on polyacrylonitrile and green natural lignocellulose (LC) has been prepared. This as-prepared GPE exhibits excellent performance. When the proportion of LC reaches up to 60 wt%, the prepared composite membrane has a liquid electrolyte uptake of 673 wt% at room temperature, and the corresponding GPE-60 presents an ultrahigh lithium ion transference number of 0.84, high electrochemical stability and excellent specific capacity (143.90 mAh g−1 at 0.2 C at 90th cycle of LiFePO4||GPE-60||Li). These advantages prove that the GPE-60 has great potential for the application of lithium ion batteries.

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This work was supported by the Open Fund for the Oil and Gas Materials Key Laboratory of Higher Education of Sichuan Province (X151518KCL14), Chinese Undergraduate Training Programs for Innovation and Entrepreneurship (201810615049), the Key Project of Extracurricular Open Fund of Southwest Petroleum University (KSZ18521).

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