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, Volume 53, Issue 19, pp 13751–13757 | Cite as

Effect of ball milling on the first hydrogenation of TiFe alloy doped with 4 wt% (Zr + 2Mn) additive

  • Gabriela Romero
  • Peng Lv
  • Jacques Huot
Mechanochemical Synthesis


In this paper, we report the microstructure and hydrogen storage properties of TiFe + 4 wt% (Zr + 2Mn) alloy before and after high-energy milling. The as-cast sample was made of a main TiFe phase with a Zr- and Mn-rich secondary phase. We found that ball milling can significantly reduce the crystallite size of TiFe + 4 wt% (Zr + 2Mn) alloy. First hydrogenation measurements showed that the sample milled for 15 min displayed a faster hydrogenation than the as-cast sample but with a slight loss of capacity. Further milling made the samples totally inert to hydrogen. It may be concluded that the as-cast alloy has a special microstructure that is possibly destroyed by milling.



We are thankful to Fonds de recherche du Quebec-Nature et technologies (FRQNT) for a Ph.D. fellowship (P. L.) and MITACS for an internship fellowship (G. R.). We would also thank Mrs. A. Lejeune for SEM analysis.


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Authors and Affiliations

  1. 1.Chemistry and NanotechnologyInstitutoTecnológicoy de EstudiosSuperiores de Monterrey (ITESM)MonterreyMexico
  2. 2.Hydrogen Research InstituteUniversité du Québec à Trois-RivièresTrois-RivièresCanada

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