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, Volume 53, Issue 11, pp 8536–8544 | Cite as

Mechanical properties and failure behavior of AZ61 magnesium alloy at high temperatures

  • Wenjun Liu
  • Bin Jiang
  • Suqin Luo
  • Siqiang Chen
  • Fusheng Pan


To investigate the mechanical behavior of AZ61 alloy in a mushy state, uniaxial tensile tests of as-extruded AZ61 alloy have been implemented at temperatures of 475–575 °C at a strain rate of 3 s−1. Experimental results show that zero strength and zero ductility emerged at 575 and 525 °C, respectively. Abnormal coarse grains with sugar-like morphology and molten Mg17Al12 phases were observed in the brittle temperature range. The grain boundaries and surface were gradually covered partially or completely by a liquefied microstructure as temperatures increased. Small micropores developed into short cracks at temperatures above 525 °C and then to large cracks throughout the grain boundaries at 575 °C. It is therefore suggested that crack propagation was controlled by the quantity and distribution of molten phase in the mushy zone. Three types of interfacial wedge cracks are applied to explicate the fracture behavior of the alloy at elevated temperatures.



The authors are grateful for the financial supports from the Chongqing Science and Technology Commission (cstc2013jcyjC60001, cstc2014jcyjjq0041, cstc2014jcyjjq50002, and cstc2013jcyjA50030); the National Natural Science Foundation of China (51701035, 51531002, 51171212, and 51474043); and the National Science and Technology Program of China (2013CB632200).


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  • Wenjun Liu
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  • Bin Jiang
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  • Suqin Luo
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  • Siqiang Chen
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  • Fusheng Pan
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  1. 1.College of Materials Science and EngineeringChongqing UniversityChongqingChina
  2. 2.Chongqing Academy of Science and TechnologyChongqingChina

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