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, Volume 53, Issue 10, pp 7224–7232 | Cite as

Evidence of low-symmetry phases in pressure-dependent Raman spectroscopic study of BaTiO3

  • Shekhar Tyagi
  • V. G. Sathe
  • Gaurav Sharma
  • Velaga Srihari
  • Himanshu Kumar Poswal


In the earlier pressure-dependent Raman spectroscopic studies, it has been reported that BaTiO3 undergoes a tetragonal to cubic phase transition above ~ 2 GPa, whereas pressure-dependent X-ray absorption, X-ray diffuse scattering studies and pair distribution function studies have reported the presence of a low-symmetry rhombohedral phase above ~ 2.3 GPa. In this report, we present our pressure-dependent Raman spectroscopic studies on polycrystalline BaTiO3 which shows that it first undergoes a transition from tetragonal to orthorhombic/rhombohedral phase above ~ 2.6 GPa and then finally goes to the cubic phase above 8.4 GPa. Pressure-dependent synchrotron X-ray diffraction (SXRD) studies have also been carried out that provided rate of change of volume as a function of pressure resulting in bulk modulus of 215 ± 9 GPa.



Authors thank Dr. D.M. Phase and Mr. Gyanendra Panchal for FESEM measurements.

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Authors and Affiliations

  1. 1.UGC-DAE Consortium for Scientific ResearchIndoreIndia
  2. 2.High Pressure and Synchrotron Radiation Physics DivisionBhabha Atomic Research CentreMumbaiIndia

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