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Hydrothermal Synthesis of Novel K2YbF5:Er3+/Y3+ Microcrystals with Tunable Red–Green Upconversion Luminescence

  • Mingye Ding
  • Daqin Chen
  • Zhongyi Wan
  • Yang Zhou
  • Jiasong Zhong
  • Junhua Xi
  • Zhenguo Ji
Original Paper


Well-formed and high-quality K2YbF5 microrods have been successfully synthesized by a simple and mild hydrothermal route for the first time. X-ray diffraction, scanning electron microscopy, energy dispersive spectrometer, and photoluminescence spectra were adopted to characterize the as-prepared samples. It is found that the as-obtained samples belong to orthorhombic system and exhibit spindle-like microrods morphology with length of about 7–10 μm and diameter of about 3–6 μm. The upconversion (UC) luminescence properties of K2YbF5:x %Y3+, 2 %Er3+ (x = 10, 30, 50, 70, 90) were systematically investigated. Under 980 nm laser excitation, the emission intensities and the corresponding output colors of K2YbF5:Y3+/Er3+ could be precisely manipulated by adjusting the Y3+ doping concentration. This study provides a great opportunity for exploring other complex fluorides with improved UC luminescence properties.


Green Emission Energy Dispersive Spectrometer NaYF4 YbCl3 ErCl3 
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This project has been financially supported by Zhejiang Province Natural Science Foundation of China (LQ15E020004, LR15E020001 and LQ14020006), the Scientific Research Foundation of Hangzhou Dianzi University (KYS205614041), the National Natural Science Foundation of China (61372025 and 21271170).


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  • Mingye Ding
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  • Daqin Chen
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  • Zhongyi Wan
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  • Yang Zhou
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  • Jiasong Zhong
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  • Junhua Xi
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  • Zhenguo Ji
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