Journal of Materials Science

, Volume 42, Issue 13, pp 4905–4915 | Cite as

Synthesis and selected properties of CrSbVO6 and phase relations in the V2O5–Cr2O3–α-Sb2O4 system in the solid state

  • Elżbieta Filipek
  • Grażyna Dąbrowska


Phase relations in the ternary oxide system V2O5–Cr2O3–α-Sb2O4 in the solid state in the atmosphere of air have been investigated by using the XRD, DTA/TG and IRS methods. Obtained results have shown that in the system the compound CrSbVO6 is formed. This compound has been obtained both from oxides and from a mixture comprising CrSbO4, CrVO4 and SbVO5 as well as from mixtures: CrSbO4/V2O5, CrVO4/α-Sb2O4 and SbVO5/Cr2O3. A Solid product of incongruent melting of CrSbVO6 at ∼1300°C is Cr2O3. CrSbVO6 crystallizes in the tetragonal system and its calculated unit cell parameters amount to: a = b = 0.45719(12) nm, c = 0.30282(8) nm, Z = 2. The obtained results have allowed us also to divide the investigated system V2O5–Cr2O3–α-Sb2O4 into seven subsidiary subsystems and to determine temperatures and components concentration range in which CrSbVO6 remains at equilibrium in the solid state with other phases formed in corresponding binary systems.


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  1. 1.Department of Inorganic and Analytical Chemistry Szczecin University of TechnologySzczecinPoland

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