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Mechanism of geopolymerization and factors influencing its development: a review

  • Divya Khale
  • Rubina ChaudharyEmail author


Geopolymerization is a developing field of research for utilizing solid waste and by-products. It provides a mature and cost-effective solution to many problems where hazardous residue has to be treated and stored under critical environmental conditions. Geopolymer involves the silicates and aluminates of by-products to undergo process of geopolymerization. It is environmentally friendly and need moderate energy to produce. This review presents the work carried out on the chemical reaction, the source materials, and the factor affecting geopolymerization. Literature demonstrates that certain mix compositions and reaction conditions such as Al2O3/SiO2, alkali concentration, curing temperature with curing time, water/solid ratio and pH significantly influences the formation and properties of a geopolymer. It is utilized to manufacture precast structures and non-structural elements, concrete pavements, concrete products and immobilization of toxic metal bearing waste that are resistant to heat and aggressive environment. Geopolymers gain 70% of the final strength in first 3–4 h of curing.


Zeolite Compressive Strength Portland Cement Geopolymer Sodium Silicate 
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