Hans-Jörg Schneider (ed.), Supramolecular systems in biomedical fields

The Royal Society of Chemistry, Cambridge, UK, 2013, Hardback, pp. 548, £159.99, ISBN: 978-1-84973-658-9,
  • Lucia Mutihac
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Monographs in supramolecular chemistry

Open image in new window The book Supramolecular Systems for Biomedical Fields edited by Hans-Jörg Schneider, published in the series of Monographs in Supramolecular Chemistry provides current advances in supramolecular systems together with their impact in biomedical applications, a challenging topical research field. Given the importance of the living systems, it is meaningful to see the progress in the development of new synthetic multifunctional receptors capable to selective recognition of biological compounds, which leads to a wide range of potential applications.

It is nevertheless a difficult task, if not impossible, for a book to encompass all aspects involved in this newly emerging interdisciplinary research area. As such, the editor’s point was to primarily focus on the progress made so far in practical applications of supramolecular complexes in life sciences.

The book is structured in sixteen chapters covering specific topics, each...


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