Mini-review: calixarene liquid crystals

  • Fafu Yang
  • Hongyu Guo
  • Jacques Vicens
Review Article


Calixarene liquid crystals were important part among calixarene derivatives. The synthesis and mesomorphic properties of all kinds of calixarene liquid crystala have been discussed and reviewed. There are two methods to prepare calixarene liquid crystals. One way is to introduce the corresponding functional groups with long alkyl chains, which usually afford columnar liquid crystal with a rigid bowlic core. The organization of liquid crystals possesses interesting changes after the complexation of guests. Another way is to introduce triphenylene unit to obtain calixarenes bowlic column with triphenylene units as ancillary lateral columns or triphenylene column with calixarene units on ancillary side. Moreover, they showed interesting conversion between two kinds of liquid crystals before and after complexation with ions.


Calixarene Liquid crystal Alkyl chain Triphenylene Complexation 



Financial support from the National Natural Science Foundation of China (No: 20402002), Fujian Natural Science Foundation of China (No. 2009J01019), the Program for Innovative Research Team in Science and Technology in Fujian Province University and Program for Excellent young researchers in University of Fujian Province (JA10056) were greatly acknowledged.


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