Real-Time Performance Evaluation for Robotics

An Approach using the Robotstone Benchmark


This paper discusses a novel approach to evaluate the real-time performance of computing platforms embedded in robotic systems. The motivation behind this work is the need for the robotic systems to meet their timing constraints, thus requiring time predictable real-time systems. We proposed a benchmark, named the Robotstone, which is an adaptation of a traditional real-time performance benchmark widely known in the real-time systems community. Thus, the presented work makes it easier for a robotic engineer to apply the benchmark in the modern robotics context by filtering out issues that do not matter on the robotics applications and adapting the benchmark’s relevant portions. The Robotstone has a set of experiments related to time-constrained application scenarios usually found in robotic systems. Each experiment defines an application-specific parameter that increases at every iteration until the system overloads. The real-time performance is then evaluated through the breakdown point, i.e., the system configuration in the application scenario when any functional or timing constraint is not met. The proposed toolset has been evaluated on two distinct platforms representing a class of embedded computing systems usually employed in robotic systems. Obtained results demonstrate the applicability of the Robotstone benchmark for a quick assessment of computing systems’ real-time performance often required on initial development stages of a robotic system.

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