Semantic Active Visual Search System Based on Text Information for Large and Unknown Environments


Different high-level robotics tasks require the robot to manipulate or interact with objects that are in an unexplored part of the environment or not already in its field of view. Although much works rely on searching for objects based on their colour or 3D context, we argue that text information is a useful and functional visual cue to guide the search. In this paper, we study the problem of active visual search (AVS) in large unknown environments. In this paper, we present an AVS system that relies on semantic information inferred from texts found in the environment, which allows the robot to reduce the search costs by avoiding not promising regions for the target object. Our semantic planner reasons over the numbers detected from door signs to decide either perform a goal-directed exploration towards unknown parts of the environment or carefully search in the already known parts. We compared the performance of our semantic AVS system with two other search systems in four simulated environments. First, we developed a greedy search system that does not consider any semantic information, and second, we invited human participants to teleoperate the robot while performing the search. Our results from simulation and real-world experiments show that text is a promising source of information that provides different semantic cues for AVS systems.

Data Availability

The code, data and any other document will be release in the repository of the Phi Robotics Research Lab,Footnote 1 as soon as all the files meet the Google Style Guide and are well documented.


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This study was financed in part by the Coordenao de Aperfeioamento de Pessoal de Nvel Superior - Brazil (CAPES) - Finance Code 001, CNPq. Besides, this work is also partially supported by the Research Council of Norway (RCN) as a part of the COINMAC project (grant agreement 261645), the MECS project (grant agreement 247697) and the VIROS project (grant agreement 288285).

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MM, DP, RM, EP and MK conceived and designed the approach. MM, and RM carried out the experiments, and the data analysis was performed by MM, DP, RM and MK. All authors wrote the manuscript and reviewed its final version.

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Correspondence to Mathias Mantelli.

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Before carrying out the experiments, all participants who have collaborated in the experiments of this work have signed a consent term. It contains an explanation about the experiment, its goal, and the use of the data generated by them. The term also contains information about the confidentiality and the security of their participation.

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