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, Volume 73, Issue 1–4, pp 137–155 | Cite as

Chattering-Free Sliding Mode Altitude Control for a Quad-Rotor Aircraft: Real-Time Application

  • Iván González
  • Sergio Salazar
  • Rogelio Lozano


Nowadays, the chattering problem in sliding mode control is one of the most important points to consider in real-time applications. To address this problem, a real-time robust altitude control scheme is proposed for the efficient performance of a Quad-rotor aircraft system using a continuous sliding mode control. The sensing of altitude measurement sensing is performed by a pressure sensor in order to obtain a robust altitude control of the vehicle in hovering mode both indoor and outdoor. The altitude measurement has the advantage of introducing this state information directly in the closed loop control which should be very useful for achieving robust stabilization of the altitude control. Accordingly, we propose a sliding mode control strategy without chattering. The sliding mode control proposed removes the chattering phenomenon by replacing a sign function with a high-slope saturation function. The control algorithm is derived from the Lyapunov stability theorem. Moreover, we have assumed that the actuators are able to respond quickly and accurately and we have not enforced limits on the control signals for a real-time application. Finally, to verify the satisfactory performance of proposed nonlinear control law, several simulations and experimental results of the Chattering-free sliding mode control for the Quad-rotor aircraft in the presence of bounded disturbances are presented.


Sliding mode control Chattering reduction Quad-rotor aircraft Embedded control system 


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Authors and Affiliations

  • Iván González
    • 1
  • Sergio Salazar
    • 2
  • Rogelio Lozano
    • 2
    • 3
  1. 1.Department of Automatic Control and UMI LAFMIA 3175 CNRS at CINVESTAV-IPNMéxico D.F.México
  3. 3.UTC-HEUDIASyC, Centre de Recherches de RoyallieuCompiegneFrance

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