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Modeling and Control of MM-UAV: Mobile Manipulating Unmanned Aerial Vehicle

  • Matko Orsag
  • Christopher Korpela
  • Paul Oh


Compared to autonomous ground vehicles, UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles) have significant mobility advantages and the potential to operate in otherwise unreachable locations. Micro UAVs still suffer from one major drawback: they do not have the necessary payload capabilities to support high performance arms. This paper, however, investigates the key challenges in controlling a mobile manipulating UAV using a commercially available aircraft and a light-weight prototype 3-arm manipulator. Because of the overall instability of rotorcraft, we use a motion capture system to build an efficient autopilot. Our results indicate that we can accurately model and control our prototype system given significant disturbances when both moving the manipulators and interacting with the ground.


UAV Mobile manipulation Dexterous manipulation 


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  1. 1.Drexel Autonomous Systems LabDrexel UniveristyPhiladelphiaUSA

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