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Robust Surge Avoidance Control for a Low Pressure Compressor of a Turbojet Engine

  • Benedikt Alt
  • Elias Hermann


The aim of this paper is to improve the efficiency of a low pressure compressor within a turbojet engine. For this purpose a new feedback controller will be introduced which compares the actual compressor surge margin to a given reference value. Then, this new feedback controller calculates a deviation on the existing nozzle area schedule such that the overall efficiency of the controller is improved at steady state condition. The major contribution of this work consists in a robust control design approach leading to improved robustness properties and reduced calibration efforts for the controllers of future unmanned aircraft propulsion systems.


Energy efficient UAV systems Aircraft engine control Robust control Control applications 


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  1. 1.MTU Aero Engines GmbHMunichGermany
  2. 2.German Air Force (SysZ LfzT)ErdingGermany

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