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Brian Patrick and Hamish Patrick: Butterflies of the South Pacific

Otago University Press, Dunedin, 2012, 240 pp, NZ$ 49.99, £29.50 (hardback), ISBN: 978-1-877578-04-5
  • T. R. New

The father-and-son team of Brian and Hamish Patrick, both fervent lepidopterists, continue to add impressively to knowledge of the New Zealand butterfly and moth fauna through their extensive field work and recording efforts. As they note in the Preface to this book, that experience now amounts to more than 3,200 expeditions to various parts of the nation. Their efforts have expanded in recent years to encompass visits to much of the rest of the ‘South Pacific’ region. This book is a major outcome from this extensive field work, and is both a synopsis of the butterflies present in the region, and a vehicle to display the endemic variety of New Zealand’s butterflies in a wider context. The book draws largely on the authors’ personal experiences and collecting, but also consideration of museum material and records. The result is an impressive and authoritative account of this unique regional fauna, somewhat anomalously including also the butterflies of the Hawai’ian archipelago ‘for...


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