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P. J. Gullan and P. S. Cranston: The insects: an outline of entomology (4th edition)

Wiley-Blackwell, Oxford, 2010, Hardback, ISBN 978-1-4443-3036-6, Price UK sterling £40.00, xvi + 565 pp
  • Robert J. Wilson
Book Review

The fourth edition of Penny Gullan and Peter Cranston’s Outline of Entomology retains the broad scope and informative style of earlier editions of this popular and affordable set text for undergraduate students (see the review of the 3rd Edition in the Journal of Insect Conservation: Loram 2006). The latest edition updates the text with reference to areas at the forefront of scientific research into the insects, as well as emphasising the applied importance of entomology, in areas as diverse as conservation, food security, commerce and environmental monitoring.

The structure of the text largely follows that of the 3rd Edition, starting by considering the importance, diversity and conservation of insects (Chapter 1). This chapter is perhaps the most directly relevant to readers of the Journal of Insect Conservation, and provides a good background both to the diversity of insects, some of the services which they provide to humanity (although the now-popular term “ecosystem services” is...


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