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A. V. Evans and J. N. Hogue, Field Guide to Beetles of California

California Natural History Guides 88, University of California Press, Berkeley & Los Angeles, 2006, Paperback, US$24.95, ISBN 978-0-520-24657-7, Cloth US$65.00, ISBN 978-0-520-24655-3, 334 pp.
  • M. D. Eyre
Book Review

A chunky, but still pocket-sized, guide to the beetles of California, this book covers more families than the previous Introduction to California Beetles(2004) by the same authors, with more information on the distribution of this fauna. The Introduction contains a section on ‘Getting to know California beetles’, which is a curious mixture. There is information on beetle morphology, classification, life cycles, reproduction, defense (sic) together with an explanation of the major topographical and geographical elements of the state and even a county map. The geography is followed by sections on the relationship of humans to beetles, seasonal effects on life cycle and distribution and a listing of the places to look for beetles. The next part of the Introduction is concerned with ‘Activities’, including collecting, using binoculars, keeping beetles in captivity, rearing and then a small piece on conservation. Only four species have government protection, with another 60 submitted for...

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