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, Volume 45, Issue 2, pp 387–391 | Cite as

Don Ross, James Ladyman, and Harold Kincaid (eds.): Scientific Metaphysics

Oxford University Press, Oxford, 2013, 243 pp, €44.18, ISBN: 978-0199696499
  • Cord Friebe
Book review

Scientific Metaphysics is a collection of essays in which prominent philosophers of science explore how metaphysics looks like that is judged by scientific standards. Common to all chapters (authors) is the requirement that scientific results and methods should be applied to metaphysical puzzle solving and, hence, the skepticism about philosophical reasoning that is based on the analysis of common-sense concepts and appeals to (modal) intuitions and a priori knowledge. It is, however, controversial what exactly naturalistic metaphysics might be, since at present there is no clear-cut criterion that distinguishes between scientific (‘naturalized’) metaphysics and its analytic (‘speculative’) opponent, i.e., no consensus is reached about the sense in which metaphysics can be ‘grounded’ in empirical science.

In the first chapter, Anjan Chakravartty expresses some doubts that there is a coherent sense of scientific metaphysics and, as Harold Kincaid points out in the introduction (p....


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