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Theoretical Frameworks and Empirical Underdetermination

  • Ioannis Votsis
Conference Report

The Theoretical Frameworks and Empirical Underdetermination workshop, which I co-organised with Gerhard Schurz at the University of Duesseldorf on April 11–12 2008, is another reminder that philosophy of science is on the ascendancy in Germany. The workshop brought together some of the world’s leading experts in the scientific realism debate. Its culmination is a forthcoming special issue of Synthese, which consists of written versions of the talks delivered at the workshop.

The workshop was conceived early in the summer of 2007. Our aim at the time was to invite a number of high calibre contributors to the debate. Inevitably this list included Peter Lipton. Needless to say Peter’s acceptance greatly boosted our confidence in the workshop’s prospects. Alas Peter unexpectedly passed away in November 2007. Quite a few of the workshop’s participants had known Peter both on a professional as well as on a personal basis. One of them, David Papineau, delivered a moving eulogy on the opening...


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