Journal of Electroceramics

, Volume 36, Issue 1–4, pp 1–7 | Cite as

Normal-to-relaxor ferroelectric phase transition and electrical properties in Nb-modified 0.72BiFeO3-0.28BaTiO3 ceramics

  • Qiaolan Fan
  • Changrong Zhou
  • Weidong Zeng
  • Lei Cao
  • Changlai Yuan
  • Guanghui Rao
  • Xuqiong Li


Perovskite-type 0.72BiFeO3-0.28BaTi1-x Nb x O3 (BF-BTNx) ceramics were fabricated via a conventional oxide-mixed method. The phase transition behaviors, composition-dependent grain size, dielectric, ferroelectric and piezoelectric properties were investigated as a function of Nb content. The temperature dependence of dielectric permittivity showed that thermally driven normal to diffuse ferroelectric transition and Nb-doping induced normal to relaxor ferroelectric transition. Simultaneously, the butterfly shape to sprout shape transition for electric-field-induced strain curves and saturation to slim P-E hysteresis loops transition were associated with the normal-to-relaxor transition. And the low hysteresis strain curves for relaxor BF-BTNx ceramics indicated that the system was a promising candidate for high precision actuation applications. In addition, XRD results revealed that Nb-doping induced a structural transition from rhombohedral phase to pseudo-cubic phase, which may be the origin of normal-to-relaxor ferroelectric phase transition.


Perovskite Relaxor ferroelectrics Normal ferroelectrics Normal to relaxor ferroelectric transition 



Part of this work was financially supported by the National Nature Science Foundation of China (11564007, 61561015, 61361007 and 51462005) and Guangxi Key Laboratory of Information Materials (1310001-Z) and the Natural Science Foundation of Guangxi (Grants No. 2012GXNSFGA60002 and 2015GXNSFAA 139250).


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Authors and Affiliations

  1. 1.School of Material Science and EngineeringGuilin University of Electronic TechnologyGuilinPeople’s Republic of China
  2. 2.Guangxi Experiment Center of Information ScienceGuilin University of Electronic TechnologyGuilinPeople’s Republic of China

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