Journal of Child and Family Studies

, Volume 19, Issue 6, pp 803–805 | Cite as

Monica L. McCoy and Stefanie M. Keen: Child Abuse and Neglect

Psychology Press, New York, 2009
  • Gerald F. McKeegan
Book Review

I had graduated with a Master’s in psychology in the mid 1970s and was working at a community mental health center (CMHC) in Philadelphia. I was hired to be a child and adolescent clinician. In my first 3 months and being the “new guy”, I was “volunteered” by the outpatient supervisor to be the liaison between our CMHC and a newly organized network in our catchment area that was to coordinate services to those families that were referred to the city’s Child Protective Services (CPS). The network was comprised of representatives from a local teaching hospital in our catchment area, schools both public and private, pediatricians, non-governmental community agencies that focused on children (i.e., the local YMCA), religious organizations, and police. We had our first meeting and like all new inter-agency committees there was a lot of energy and good ideas. Being a novice in the field of mental health, I soon learned that a family accused of child abuse faced a rather “adversarial”...

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