Journal of Computational Electronics

, Volume 6, Issue 1–3, pp 183–186 | Cite as

Self-consistent quantum transport theory: Applications and assessment of approximate models

  • Tillmann Kubis
  • Peter Vogl


We have implemented a fully self-consistent non-equilibrium Green’s function approach for vertical quantum transport in open quantum devices with contacts and study theoretically quantum well heterostructures, resonant tunneling diodes and quantum cascade laser structures in this formalism. We systematically investigate the role and consequences of several widely used approximations such as decoupling the equations for the scattering states and their occupation, neglect of inelastic scattering, and neglect of nonlocal scattering self-energies.


Quantum transport NEGF Resonant tunneling diode Quantum cascade laser structure 


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© 2006 2006

Authors and Affiliations

  1. 1.Walter Schottky Institute, TU MünchenGarchingGermany

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