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This is a rare special issue of JCAMD, dedicated to Yvonne Martin. We are using her recent retirement from Abbott as an excuse to recognize and honor her founding role in computer-aided molecular design, her leadership, her example, and her accomplishments.

Yvonne is one of founders of the field of computer-assisted drug design. There have been other highly accomplished contributors from academia, pharmaceutical companies, and the software industry. However, Yvonne is unique among them not only in her early involvement but also because she has in essence spanned all three areas. It is clear from her work that her goals have been first and foremost to solve problems. She has attacked real world problems faced by her company and the industry as a whole without regard of whether it could be addressed by her prior expertise or a particular approach. When faced with a problem, she found the best way of approaching it, whether that was by using available tools, developing her...

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