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Therapeutic manipulations for POI: will yapping awaken the sleepy follicle?

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Editor’s Commentary

Traditional etymologies aside, the flurry of acronyms that have invaded the scientific and medical vernacular of today continues to overwhelm the literature with terminology we desperately attempt to keep up with. Our new lexicon reads more like a litany of MADs, Tolls, Gremlins, HIPPOs and other assorted characters reflecting specific genes and their protein products. The privilege of naming your favorite molecular entity in most cases arose from the unveiling of gene function in experimentally tractable model organisms like Drosophila and their compatriots. Enter YAPs into the schemata of reproductive medicine.

Assigning names to these genes and their products falls under the purview of their discoverers, with the final choice of acronym being a byproduct of “need” and something catchy and possibly tied to what this molecule actually does within the context of living cells or tissues. As discussed below, YAP is a moniker applied to proteins involved with the regulation of organ size....


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