Scintillating advances on somatic cell nuclear transfer and the implications for human ARTs

  • David F. Albertini
Editor’s Commentary

2013 continues to be a year of breakthroughs in the field of reproductive medicine and biology. Yet another of these has just appeared in the journal Cell.

Not since the pioneering efforts of Ian Wilmut and the late Keith Campbell put Dolly on the map has there been a measurable success in somatic cell nuclear transfer (SCNT), an advance capable of melding the available technology with the growing and pressing need to generate “patient specific” stem cells for drug screening, disease modeling, or potential therapeutic applications. In fact, it is fair to say that while SCNT can yield live young in some mammalian species, and especially those of agricultural and bioreactor value, the road to achieving any sort of efficiency for the production of quality embryos and derivative stem cells from primates (both nonhuman and hominid varieties) has been fraught with setbacks. And just as the collective field of human ARTs has taken aim at the matter of gamete and embryo quality in maintaining...


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