Effects of cooling rates and ice-seeding temperatures on the cryopreservation of whole ovaries

  • Jian-Min Zhang
  • Yan Sheng
  • Yong-Zhi Cao
  • Hong-Yan Wang
  • Zi-Jiang Chen
Fertility Preservation



The aim of this study was to detect the effects of different cooling rates and different ice-seeding temperatures on the cryopreservation of whole ovaries.


Cow whole ovaries were slowly frozen using different protocols with different cooling rates and different ice-seeding temperatures. Follicular viability was assessed using the trypan blue test; the percentage of morphologically normal primordial follicles and the follicular densities of grafts were measured.


Protocol IIb was most effective protocol. Protocol Ib was more effective than protocol Ia and protocol Ic, and protocol IIIb was more effective than protocol IIIa and protocol IIIc.


Protocol IIb (the cooling rate was 0.2°C/min, and the ice-seeding temperature was −5°C) was appropriate for slow freezing of cow whole ovaries.


Cooling rate Cryopreservation Ice-seeding temperature Whole ovaries 



Appreciation is extended to Dr Bin Li, Ph.D., for assistance in statistics analysis and Dr Yu Wang Ph.D. from department of pathology for supporting this work.

Conflict of interest statement

The authors declare that there are no conflicts of interest.


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  • Yan Sheng
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  • Yong-Zhi Cao
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  • Hong-Yan Wang
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