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Screening for Y microdeletions in men with testicular cancer and undescended testis

  • Pinar Bor
  • Johnny Hindkjær
  • Steen Kølvraa
  • Philip Rossen
  • Hans von der Maase
  • Troels Munch Jørgensen
  • Viggo Tønning Sørensen
  • Hans Eiberg
  • Hans Jakob Ingerslev
Short Communication

Purpose  : To investigate a possible association between testicular cancer or undescended testis and Y microdeletions.

Methods  : It was designed as a retrospective clinical study. A total of 225 men with testicular cancer or undescended testis were included to study. Fertile men (n = 200) were investigated as a control. Genomic DNA, which was extracted from blood samples were investigated with a fluorescent multiplex PCR protocol for screening for Y microdeletions

Results  : A single STS missing was found in eight men; one from the control group (sY153), seven from the patients group. The positive cases showed a single STS missing of marker sY153 and sY139 in testicular cancer (6/185) and undescended testis (1/40) patients, respectively.

Conclusions  : Since no contiguous, real Y microdeletions were found in the study population, it seems that Y microdeletions are not a likely common etiological cause of poor spermatogenesis in testicular cancer and undescended testis. However, it remains to be determined whether men having a single STS missing have a risk of developing testis cancer or having undescended testis.


Capillary electrophoresis multiplex PCR oligo-azoospermia testis cancer undescended testis Y microdeletions. 



The financial support of Novo Nordisk, Danish Medical Research Council, Aarhus Universitet Forskningsinititativ, and Institute of Experimental Clinical Research at Aarhus University are gratefully acknowledged. We thank Anne Ringgaard and Margit Palm Lind for their technical support.


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  • Pinar Bor
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  • Johnny Hindkjær
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  • Steen Kølvraa
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  • Philip Rossen
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  • Hans von der Maase
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  • Troels Munch Jørgensen
    • 4
  • Viggo Tønning Sørensen
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  • Hans Eiberg
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  • Hans Jakob Ingerslev
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  1. 1.Fertility ClinicAarhusDenmark
  2. 2.Department of Clinical GeneticsAarhusDenmark
  3. 3.Department of OncologyAarhusDenmark
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