Journal of Applied Spectroscopy

, Volume 73, Issue 5, pp 694–700 | Cite as

Polarization-phase dynamics in a four-frequency gas ring laser with elliptical polarization of counter-propagating waves

  • L. P. Svirina


Based on a developed and experimentally tested model, self-oscillatory lasing regimes have been studied for a Class A four-frequency gas ring laser with linear coupling of elliptically polarized counter-propagating waves. In the self-oscillatory regime, switching of the intensities, polarization states, and phase differences of the counter-propagating waves is observed, and also a polarization-phase dynamics effect involving displacement of the intensity switching point (with respect to detuning), due to the phase shift as a result of an ellipticity different from zero.

Key words

linear coupling ring laser elliptical polarization polarization-phase dynamics 


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Authors and Affiliations

  • L. P. Svirina
    • 1
  1. 1.B. I. Stepanov Institute of PhysicsNational Academy of Sciences of BelarusMinskBelarus

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