Feminism and Farming: A Response to Paul Thompson’s the Agrarian Vision

  • Erin McKenna

The Agrarian Visionis a big project. It is a project that calls us to see that environmental philosophy must take issues of agriculture more seriously since it constitutes the largest human impact on the land (18). I applaud this. Environmental philosophy does need to quit seeing agriculture and domestication as “polluted” or “unnatural” and so not their concern. To make his case, Thompson takes us through an interesting history of farming in the United States, the complexity of governmental policy, and different notions of sustainability. This is all done to support his argument that we are missing something important as we lose the agrarian way of understanding our selves and our place in the world. The agrarian vision returns to us a sense of place in the world. This connection, it is argued, will make us better citizens (CAT) who will alter our practices to achieve a version of sustainable agriculture. It will help us see that self-reliance is not self-sufficiency (PAL), and that...


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