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Doug Elliott: Swarm Tree: of Honeybees, Honeymoons and the Tree of Life

The Natural History Press, Charleston, South Carolina, 2009, 160 pp. ISBN 978.1.59629.675.6
  • Charles Francis
Book Review

What best describes Swarm Tree is the embrace of wholism—a convergence of ecology and natural history with mythology and current literature with the complexity of the human quest for meaning. The book is rich in discussion of boundaries, between legal and illegal, private and public, wild and developed, and humans and other species. Through a series of vignettes from personal experience and stories from others, author Doug Elliott weaves a rich tapestry of the environment with its embedded species including ourselves. What emerges is a unique statement of the human condition, told in a thoughtful and perceptive way that reflects both understanding and concern for the natural world.

According to his business card, Doug Elliott is a naturalist, herbalist, and story teller from North Carolina. The stories in Swarm Treederive from his walks in the forest, his observations of creatures large and small, his knowledge of plants, and his many encounters with others who share both curiosity...

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