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David L. Marcus: What It Takes to Pull Me Through: Why Teenagers Get Into Trouble and How Four of Them Got Out

Houghton Mifflin, New York, NY, 2005, 338 pp (Hardback)
  • Ernst Van Bergeijk
Book Review

Pulitzer Prize winning journalist David L. Marcus uses all of his journalistic skills to delve into the topic of why teenagers with many advantages and opportunities find themselves in deep trouble. He spends 14 months with an incoming class of students at the Academy at Swift River, a for-profit, therapeutic boarding school. The Academy at Swift River is known for using Outward Bound or adventure education techniques in addition to group therapy and a rigorous academic curriculum to produce positive results in “at risk teenagers.”

This is a beautifully written book with heart felt descriptions of the struggles this group of teenagers face. On the surface these teens seem to have everything: loving parents, intact families, and economic opportunities. One young girl is a debutante from an elite Texas suburb. Another teen was adopted by two loving school teachers. However, life circumstances and social pressures take their toll on these teens. One young man from New York City is...

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